Recent Publications  


  • Arsić, S., Nikolić, Dj., Mihajlović, I., Fedajev A. & Živkovcić Ž., (2018) A New Approach Within ANP-SWOT framework for prioritization of Ecosystem Management an Case Study of National Park Djerdap, Serbia, Ecological Economics, 146: 85-95.
  • Arsić, S. Nikolić, Dj., & Živkoviž Ž., (2017) Hybrid SWOT – ANP-FANP model for prioritization strategies of sustainable development of ecosystem in National park Djerdap, Serrbia, Forest Policy and DEconomics, 80: 11-26.
  • Živković, Ž., Nikolić, Dj., Savić, M., Djordjević, P., and Mihajlović, I (2017) Prioritizing Strategig Goals in High Education Organization by using a SWOT – PROMETHEE/GAIA –DSS model, Group Decision Negotiation, 26(4): 829-846.
  • Savić, M.,Djordjević, P.,Mihajlović, I., Milošević, I., & Živković, Ž. (2017) Assessment of the ISO 9001 functioning on a example of relations with suppliers development empirical study for transitional economy  conditions, Total Quality Management and Bussines Excellence, 28(11-12):1285-1306.
  • Živković, Ž., Nikolić, Dj., Djordjević, P., Mihajlović, I., and Savić,M., (2015) Analytical Network Process in the framework of SWOT analysis for strategic decision making (Case study: Technical faculty in Boer, University of Belgrade, Sebia), Acta Polytechnica Hyngarica, 12(7):199-206.